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DACHSER South Africa – the management

With the help of forward-thinking business concepts, DACHSER has, over the past decades, developed into one of the world’s leading logistics service providers. The company’s innovative power is based on the DACHSER Business Units, which form stable economic pillars and encompass the entire portfolio of logistics services, as well as the collaborative ethos of experienced executives.  

The executives share common basic values and goals and see it as their core mission to strengthen the group against future requirements and to drive the expansion of DACHSER. Their combined expertise and commitment to sustainable business practices guarantee the long-term profitability and future viability of DACHSER.

The structure of DACHSER’s Executive Board can be found on our corporate website.

Dr. Tobias Burger - Managing Director Air & Sea Logistics EMEA

Dr. Tobias Burger, born in 1977, assumes the role of Managing Director Air & Sea Logistics EMEA at DACHSER and is responsible for the development of results in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He is also Deputy Director Air & Sea Logistics and responsible for the strategic orientation of the entire ASL business segment. After completing his studies and doctorate in business administration at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Dr. Burger initially worked for three years as a strategy consultant in the in-house consulting department of Siemens AG. In 2009, Dr. Burger then joined DACHSER and progressed through various management positions, when he then fully joined the Air & Sea Logistics business segment in 2019 as Deputy Director and deputy to COO Edoardo Podestà. In addition to responsibility for the further strategic development of the business segment, he held the position of Head of Global Sales from 2019 to 2021, with responsibility for all sales-related issues at a global level. He handed over the latter function in spring 2021, when he himself was appointed Managing Director of Business ASL EMEA. In addition, he continues to hold the parallel position of Deputy Director of Air & Sea Logistics to this day.

Detlev Duve - Managing Director South Africa

Detlev was born in Hamburg Germany on the 30th November 1968.  He immigrating to South Africa in 1973. Detlev returned to Hamburg, Germany, in 1998 to start as an apprentice. In March 1995 , Detlev moved back to South Africa where he joined the family Business called Jonen Freight (PTY) Ltd. On the 17th February 2011 Jonen Freight and Dachser GmbH & Co Kg completed a Joint Venture deal. This changed the dynamics for our Local Company to a Global enterprise with a global Network of owned offices. Detlev was appointed to Managing Director of Dachser South Africa (PTY) Ltd and took on the role of Country Manager South Africa in the Dachser Network.