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General Terms & Conditions

DACHSER performs services for its customers on the basis of a wide range of legal principles and regulations. In addition to optimizing our physical transport services, the provision of relevant information also forms part of our philosophy of providing service.

We therefore make salient regulations under transport law and insurance-relevant conditions available for download. 

DACHSER South Africa (Pty) Ltd General Terms and Conditions (T&C) of Service - are printed on our Powers of Attorney, or shipping documents and on our service invoices.

These Terms and Conditions of Service supersede all previous DACHSER South Africa (Pty) Ltd, DATRA, and Kingwood Terms & Conditions.

General terms and conditions ZIP (1,47 MB)
KINGWOOD Container Line Bill of Lading Terms and Conditions PDF (0,06 MB)
IATA Terms and Conditions PDF (0,04 MB)