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News 12/03/2020
For a sustainable society: More and more NGOs are taking action around the world

In the course of globalization, internationally networked non-governmental organizations or NGOs are playing an increasingly important role. DACHSER’s partnership with children’s aid organization terre des hommes demonstrates how a company can support an NGO over the long term.

News 08/24/2020
Dachser SA delivers specialist pharmaceutical logistics for Dr Reddy’s

The partnership between multinational pharmaceutical company Dr Reddy’s and Dachser, one of the global leaders in system logistics, started in 2011 in Hyderabad, India, when the supply chain tender was awarded to Dachser India. Soon afterwards, Dachser South Africa delivered the first local shipment and has since supported the continuous growth of Dr Reddy’s in the country.  

News 06/10/2020
DACHSER organizes first direct charter flight from China to Spain

DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics arranged for medical equipment to be transported from Asia to Spain at the end of May. This was the first flight from China to Madrid since the beginning of charter activities during the coronavirus pandemic.

News 05/19/2020
DACHSER continues charter flights in May

In addition to charters between Asia and Europe, the logistics provider will organize further transpacific flights to cover the North and South American markets. One such change is the addition of the new Shanghai—Los Angeles route.

News 05/06/2020
DACHSER launches 30th charter flight

Since the start of the coronavirus crisis at the end of February, DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics has chartered 30 aircraft and transported a total of over 60 million respiratory masks plus medical items, such as personal protective equipment and protective gloves, for its customers. At the end of April, DACHSER organized eight charter flights in one week for the first time in the company’s history, including three on the Hong Kong—Los Angeles route.

News 04/21/2020
DACHSER supplies French hospitals with needed medical supplies

DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics organized a transport of emergency medical supplies from Shanghai, China, for hospitals in Nantes, France

Press Release 04/07/2020
DACHSER builds on its growth driver

Revenue up by a solid 1.6 percent in 2019; European overland transport grows 2.9 percent; EUR 151 million invested in logistics facilities and IT systems.

Press Release 04/02/2020
Dachser organizes transportation by block train along the New Silk Road

BASF entrusted its long-standing logistics provider Dachser to handle a first block train to China. The train of 42 containers carrying BASF products arrived in the Chinese city of Xi´an. Dachser took take care of all organizational aspects—including coordination with train operator RTSB GmbH, customs clearance, and distribution of the goods in China.

Press Release 03/27/2020
Dachser announces Executive Board for the future

The future Executive Board team, to be headed by Burkhard Eling, takes over on January 1, 2021; Bernhard Simon and Michael Schilling will join the Supervisory Board in 2021

Press Release 11/18/2019
DACHSER South Africa celebrates 40 years as the gateway to Africa

DACHSER South Africa (SA) celebrates 40 years of being in business this November. When global logistics provider DACHSER acquired Jonen Freight, owned by the Duve family, in 2011, the newly minted DACHSER SA strengthened its global network, bringing over 30 years of established expertise in Africa to the company. Under the leadership of Managing Director Detlev Duve, DACHSER SA has further established itself as the gateway to Africa, dealing with diverse logistics needs across the various trade lanes and growing the team and the business in the face of a very challenging economic environment.

Press Release 11/13/2019
Effective logistics network facilitates access to Africa’s opportunities

Managing Director of DACHSER South Africa, Detlev Duve, says that while the Africa business is still a small part of the global logistics  provider, the region offers great growth opportunities for DACHSER and its clients. “Logistics services are becoming the engine of economic growth in Africa. Despite major infrastructural and other challenges, we are able to provide our customers with access to the African markets and we are seeing future changes that bode well for increased trade in the region, including the development of trade corridors.”

Press Release 11/11/2019
In it for the long haul

In a world where job-hopping has become the norm and people even have several different careers in a lifetime, global logistics company DACHSER has an unusually large number of staff who have built long term logistics careers within the company. Kurt Aufschneider has now been working in Air & Sea Logistics for over 46 years, having joined DACHSER at 17. This makes him one of the longest-serving employees in the family company which has offices in 44 countries, including South Africa.  He recalls company founder Thomas Dachser giving him some unforgettable advice: “Good prep work means less re-work.” It is a motto he has lived by ever since.

Press Release 11/08/2019
Calling Education learners explore careers in logistics with DACHSER South Africa

Calling Education, based in Stellenbosch, is a non-profit private school that strives to make a truly excellent education available at a fee affordable to those from low-income communities.

News 10/29/2019
Women leading in logistics -  Fearless female: Samantha Du Toit

While the logistics field still tends to dominated by men, times are changing and the fairer sex is increasingly building successful careers in logistics. DACHSER South Africa is working hard to redress the gender inequalities in the industry. We’re chatting to fearless women who are playing vital roles in the DACHSER South Africa offices.

As the logistics industry continues to grow and change, Samantha Du Toit, PR, Communications and Marketing Manager for DACHSER South Africa says that women need to stay on top of their game and ensure they keep up with the changes.

News 10/28/2019
IMO 2020 regulations are making ships cleaner

New environmental guidelines from the International Maritime Organization for global shipping traffic will take effect in January 2020. Read on to find out what it’s all about.

News 10/22/2019
Women leading in logistics - Fearless female: Marli Wilson

While the logistics field still tends to dominated by men, times are changing and the fairer sex is increasingly building successful careers in logistics. DACHSER South Africa is working hard to redress the gender inequalities in the industry. We’re chatting to fearless women who are playing vital roles in the DACHSER South Africa offices.

Operations Manager Marli Wilson believes that if you are passionate and consistent you can accomplish anything and overcome most challenges.