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News 10/02/2019
The new DACHSER magazine is here!

DACHSER’s European overland transport network has expanded over the years. The secret has always been putting the right pieces of the puzzle in the right places to complete the overall picture.

News 09/16/2019
Driving the evolution of logistics at the click of a mouse

Today’s companies require a logistics solution that combines an integration of core services to provide a seamless and swift movement of products from origin to destination.  Technology is being used more extensively now than ever before to boost supply chain competitiveness by enhancing the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the logistics system. 

News 08/14/2019
DACHSER South Africa perfects the art of picking and packing

As a fundamental part of the supply chain, picking and packing is fast growing into a sophisticated, intelligent process. This is due to client demands that necessitate logistics companies in having detailed understanding of complex product specificities and requirements when storing and moving these goods across geographical distances.

News 06/11/2019
DACHSER Logistics – going green in the city

New emission-free logistics solutions are being pioneered by global logistics company DACHSER in cities across Europe. The pilot projects build on new electromobility concepts and adapts city logistics processes to tomorrow’s needs, offering bright prospects for emissions- and traffic-plagued city centers across the globe, including in Africa – where DACHSER is building a strong network from South Africa.

News 04/19/2017
The value of people in driving intelligent logistics

Competitive logistics providers know that it is all about speed, agility, reliability and even versatility. Delivering all of this requires intelligent logistics – a growing concept the world over. But this not only refers to leveraging digital technology. According to Detlev Duve, Managing Director of DACHSER South Africa, people still remain at the core of logistics.